vision insurance Arizona

vision insurance Arizona

Anyone who has ever suffered a toothache can tell you that when your teeth hurt, your whole world seems to become one throbbing, aching tooth. There are few things that can disrupt your day more than a bad tooth. And yet, most people don’t consider dental insurance to be that important– and major employers are only just starting to realize what a potent piece of their employee benefit dental insurance is. Dental health is far more important than most people realize, and doctors are realizing that more and more each day.

Good dental insurance reduces the cost of routine dental care, often paying in full for one set of x-rays and a cleaning each year. That routine care can prevent many of the more expensive emergencies. Even more important, routine dental examinations can often turn up the first signs of more serious health problems– the first signs of illnesses like diabetes are often found in your mouth. Comprehensive dental insurance is one of the key ingredients in good health care. : vision insurance Arizona

Without dental insurance, many adults neglect routine dental care because it’s simply too expensive. A simple filling averages $125-$200 depending where in the country you live. Routine examinations and cleanings– recommended at least once a year for adults– average $75 and up, and a full set of dental x-rays can easily cost over $200. The cost for emergency services is even higher. A root canal– one of the most common oral surgeries– can approach $1,000. And cosmetic dentistry– from whitening teeth to full replacement bridges– averages $1500 to $3000, depending on the procedure.

In many cases, children are unaware that their eyesight is deteriorating. The untreated eye problem can result in learning and behavioral problems that negatively affect a child’s life. With proper attention to vision care, including regular check-ups, unforeseen problems can be avoided.

Is dental insurance really necessary? The answer is an unqualified yes.
Without an employer health insurance plan, parents might want to consider supplemental vision insurance through a plan such as Flexcare offered by Manulife Financial which allows you to individually customize your coverage. Plans such as DentalPlus Basic or Enhanced allot you a specified amount of money towards vision-related services, or additional add-on vision insurance coverage.

Dental health is closely tied to overall physical health in ways that most people are only beginning to realize. Gingivitis– infection of the soft tissues of the mouth– can easily become systemic infection that requires hospitalization. Misaligned teeth can cause neck pain and headache, and broken teeth can open the way to opportunistic infections that can, in the worst-case scenario, be fatal. Neglecting your teeth is neglecting your health.

Loss of vision is not to be taken lightly and the individuals who are most affected are children. A child’s untreated vision problem can lead to learning and behavioral problems. Teachers and parents often struggle trying to understand why a child is not doing well in school or why they are acting out in the classroom and at home. Many times the simple explanation is that the child can not read the blackboard or even the pages in front of them. This frustrating situation can easily spiral out of control if not attended to.

Although, the chances of developing a vision problem are greater if there is a history of eyesight problems in your family, many children with no such family history encounter a troublesome vision issue.

That’s only to be expected. Everyone knows that you need health insurance. It might come as a surprise, though, that the second most desired work benefit is dental insurance. Why is dental insurance so important and necessary?

Television is not the only culprit responsible for the deterioration of your child’s eyesight. Children are now spending an alarming amount of time in front of the computer screen. Optometrists warn that heavy computer usage is known to increase your chances of developing blurry and double vision.

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