Long term care Insurance Arizona

Long term care Insurance Arizona

Long term care health insurance is one of the best ways to guarantee that not only will you receive higher quality care but that you won’t lose a lifetime worth of savings in the process.

Long term care Insurance Arizona

Let’s face it, planning for a nebulous time of infirmity and ill health in the future is not a pleasant topic. Longer life span means that robust adults will not see a decline in their health until their years are much further advanced. They are less likely to take into consideration needs like debilitating disease or chronic conditions. Direct marketing techniques that pursue these avenues will likely outspend their return value.

While life is populated by choices, one certainty that faces the majority of adults is that they can control their future options only by planning ahead. Financial planners recommend diversifying interests to insure profit. Real estate planners bank on the idea that real estate matures over time and is a solid investment.

These so-called Activities of Daily Living are activities like: taking a bath, continence, dressing yourself, eating by yourself, going to the toilet (without any help from others) and getting yourself in and out of bed. If you can’t most if not all of these activities you change of getting approved and a policy issued is greatly reduced.

However, if you take out a policy when you are younger you will continue to pay the same premium even as you get older. Sure, you may pay for 10, 15 or 20 years before you need it but when you do need it you’ll have much better coverage.

For example, with life spans reaching 90 to 100 years old on average, a retiree with declining healthy may have to rely on family alone to support them if their health takes an ill turn or they are injured. Long term care planning puts those decisions and options into the hands of the people who will need them.

Long-term care is provided for individuals who need special assistance, but do not want to be a burden on their families. Why leave important decisions and financial burdens until the last minute? By planning ahead, adults can guarantee that their needs will be met in a manner that they choose and pay for.

If you’re currently a little older and you have other income besides your Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and you absolutely have no trouble paying for your daily needs and all your monthly expenses then you should definitely look into a long term care health insurance plan.

Because health care costs continue to rise at dramatic rates nearly every year, it’s becoming increasing advisable to begin coverage much earlier in life. Traditionally, individuals wouldn’t even consider long term care until nearing retirement or even until after retirement but you may want to reconsider your thinking if that’s been your plan. A few big reasons you may want to consider looking into long term care health insurance as early as your mid 50’s are premiums and approval. Policies taken out when someone is in their early 50’s (this is still seen as a favorable age group) is much less expensive then one initiated in their early to mid 60’s and the older you get the higher the premiums.

Another big reason you may want to consider taking out a policy earlier in life is that you greatly increase your odds of getting approved with no riders or other exclusions. Once you get hurt or sick and realize you need long term health insurance then it’s too late to get coverage because no insurance company will issue you a policy – at any price.

Life insurance promises a financial cushion for bereaved family members so they won’t have to worry about things such as house payments or accrued debt. Long term care planning focuses on the growing need for assisted care as the nation’s baby boomers near retirement age and individuals are living longer and longer lives.

Once you make the decision to look into purchasing a long term care health insurance plan you need to be aware that whatever company you talk too will assess your health and you current state of life before issuing you a policy. That will assess your ability to handle the Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

On the other hand, different companies use different approval criteria and there are different types of policies you can apply for. Some policies are geared towards home health care or having a personal home nurse while others are designed for care to be received while staying in a long term care facility. You will be given the option to choose the type of plan you would like when you apply but like most things, you pay for what you get and different plans come will different price tags. Just make sure you thoroughly understand all your options first and if you feel pressured and uncomfortable then politely move on to the next company to apply.

A 55 year-old man or woman is an excellent prospect for long-term care because they have the time and wherewithal to make the decisions now that will benefit them 30 years down the road.

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