arizona medicare agent

arizona medicare agent

If you work with an agent, it’s important to keep in mind that the broker might not have a relationship with all insurance companies that offer plans in your area. This means the broker might not automatically take a look at every coverage choice. Of course, you aren’t required to do anything– if you take no action, you’ll automatically remain enrolled in your current plan, assuming it’s still available.
” Brokers should speak to clients about all options, not just the plans they represent,” and an independent broker and general agent for Medicare plans. “If the client is going to save, say $1,000 a year, the broker should recommend the plan even if they can’t help them directly.

Be aware that if you call a number on an ad you see on TV or elsewhere, the agent on the other end of the phone might sell plans only for one insurer. This means you won’t hear about options that might be better-suited for your individual situation.
Make sure your agent checks whether your doctor, hospital, preferred pharmacy and other providers are considered in network.

Also, your agent should be familiar with programs that could help pay your prescription drug expenses if you’re struggling with their cost
A Medicare Supplement Agent Will Save You Money
First, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay any fees to work with the Medicare supplement agent. Agencies are paid directly from the insurance company, so you will never pay a dime for services from an agent.

Second, because independent agents typically represent more than one insurance company, you can get a quote for a Medicare supplement plan from multiple insurance companies all in one place. Your agent can shop the market for you to find the best coverage at the lowest rate. Because Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the Federal Government, you don’t have to worry about which company you choose to purchase your Medicare supplement from. A Plan F from one company will offer the exact same coverage as a Plan F from another company– therefore, you can simply choose whichever company is offering you the lowest rate. If you work directly with an insurance company, you may be overpaying for your coverage and have no idea.

An arizona medicare agent Will Ensure You Never Overpay for Your Coverage
Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that you will receive rate increases every year. Medicare supplement insurance is a type of health insurance, and health insurance costs tend to go up by single digit percentages each year. Trying to predict if, and by how much, a particular plan from a particular company will go up from year-to-year is arguably more difficult than trying to guess how a stock will perform in the next year.

Because of this, provides an extended service for clients, called Rate Watch, that proactively monitors your rate increases versus other offerings and alerts you if another offering has a better value. This is a service you will typically not find from other Medicare supplement agencies and is something our clients tell us they greatly appreciate

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