arizona health insurance

arizona health insurance

For individuals and families who are
gainfully employed, but whose income levels are still well below average, you’ll find choices for them as well. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System,
commonly called AHCCCS, provides complete healthcare coverage, including prescription medications, to those taxpayers with a total monthly income of no more than $851.00. For households, the income limit is put at $1,144.00. Further,
what makes this method so workable is that individuals are not disqualified if they
own their home or other land.

Their earnings level is your sole deciding
factor. Secondly the amount of individuals that are forced into
bankruptcy and pushed to Medicaid Title 19 assistance as a result of medical bills
coming from catastrophic health conditions that don’t have arizona health insurance
policy would be significantly decreased. It is important to keep in mind
considering that after someone is on Medicaid they’re getting health care
basically 100% covered by the government so there’s not any more incentive to not
look for treatment for minor or non-existing ailments.

On the flip side many
conditions that would have not been caught before they became severe because a
person did not seek treatment due to not having insurance coverage would now be
captured before they turned into a catastrophic claim. In the end, if the government
invested a specific quantity of cash to help cover claims by people that have
pre-existing conditions the private insurance companies could do away with
exceptions and declines because of already existing health problems, this can be done is some states like the HIPIOWA Iowa Comprehensive Plans which
insures Iowa residents that can not obtain coverage everywhere.

You might be sitting there thinking this is just
wishful thinking and these thoughts could never be executed, but all of
these ideas are already being implemented. The problem is that only some states
do some programs rather than even most health insurance agents understand that some very low income households can get reimbursed for medical insurance premiums. If these
programs were all standardized and place into effect on a national well
publicized degree I feel it would put one hell of a dent in the uninsured
population in this nation.

I don’t pretend to understand what the payoff amounts ought to be for exactly what income levels but I do understand that anything is far better than nothing, and in my own estimation that is the best middle ground we could find.
The Democrats would be happy with the socialized aspect of the reimbursement,
and the republicans must be pleased that health care remains privatized giving
this solution a better chance at a bi-partisan funding.I’ve faxed this idea to several senators and congressmen
but consistently obtained the same type of standard response about how they’re concerned with health care and that they are working hard to find a solution
knowing full well that nobody really even read my letters.

If sufficient buzz is generated than these thoughts would find the consideration that
they deserve, and when enough people like you and I demanded a solution be
found than perhaps enough stress can be set on the politicians to get
something done. The amount of uninsured Americans is just going to go up, the
cost of health care is only likely to go up, and the cost of medical insurance
premiums are just likely to go up if a thing isn’t done now! Until then the
only thing that I personally as a health insurance agent can do is to compare each the
options out there and give you the lesser of all the evils, which in
too many cases, the alternative that is selected is the biggest bad of proceeding without

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