altrua healthshare

altrua healthshare

Altrua Health share is a “nationwide faith-based health sharing organization in which members share in each other’s medical needs.” Health-sharing is NOT insurance and it is NOT part of the Affordable Care Act, which means you can buy it at any time of the year. However, if you do purchase an altrua healthshare plan, you do NOT have to pay the ACA penalty.

Some things in life are taken for granted and the privilege of having health insurance may be one of them. Employers have to give their employees some kind of benefit program in their overall compensation package. The employee expects it and enjoys the security of having good health insurance. Everything changes when the employee leaves the employer.

Insurance decisions have to be made. No one can escape from this process. The employee soon finds the cost to continue the insurance to be much more than expected and they start scrambling for alternatives. Are there alternatives? What can be done to reduce the cost?

christian health quotes Altrua is not right for everyone, but it could be the best fit for:
A.) People who need it for basic medical service or only want to cover a catastrophic event.
B.) People who do not have any major pre-existing conditions
C.) People who agree to Altrua’s statement of standards
Understanding The Membership

First Member Responsibility Amount (1st MRA): The member’s first out of pocket amount before the membership shares in eligible needs (any amount not related to office visits, wellness visits, sick visits, check-ups, follow-up visits, etc.).

Second Member Responsibility Amount (2nd MRA): The percentage of members are responsible for after the 1st MRA is met, and before the membership shares in eligible needs.aliera care The membership shares simultaneously in eligible needs as the member’s 2nd MRA is being met.
Things to Note

Members are sent monthly contribution requests based on age and household, which they submit to remain active in the membership.
Members whose weight exceeds the membership standard will have a share increase added to their monthly contribution.
To date, all eligible medical needs have been shared on behalf of members by Altrua HealthShare.

There has been a major shift in thinking by the insurance buying public over alternatives to lowering the cost of health insurance. Low deductibles are a thing of the past. It has taken some time to change the thinking about having low deductibles. Low deductibles mean less out of pocket expense. It works the opposite in today’s market for health insurance. The premiums paid for lower deductibles are so high that it no longer makes sense to have them. The higher deductibles reduce the premium dramatically. There are deductibles as large as $5000 in some health insurance plans.

Two Alternatives

  1. Take the highest deductible that you can afford. This is called self-insuring. You are insuring yourself for the deductible amount in exchange for a lower premium.
  2. Start a Health Savings Account. This is a savings account that is used for medical expenses only. This is a fantastic way of putting money aside for the out of pocket deductible amount and any additional medical expense. The best part about it is that the health savings account is tax deductible. See your tax advisor or accountant on how to set up this plan.

Insurance is a great place to start to lower your monthly bills. We hope that this will help you analyze your next quote. Please refer to our recommended source for insurance quotes of all types.arizona missions insurance

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